Unit on single leg for lecture halls that takes a limited amount of space (28 cm). The tip-up table slides on aluminium profiles that are fixed into hinges made of Zytel by DuPont. The seating system, a single steel frame, is fixed to the structural beam. Fast and easy assembling, safety, sturdiness and the versatility of a large range make Coimbra the winner in the category.

Elegant and bold lines, reduced spaces that still ensure maximum comfort, structures that are made out of the best materials to resist heavy-duty use: these are Coimbra’s distinctive features. Nylon protections have been added to each part that may represent a hazard to the user, ensuring safety and showing the result of an attentive technical study.

The picture shows Coimbra with fix writing tables and full upholstered seating. The front modesty panel is a perforated steel sheet.

Coimbra is designed and manufactured to fit different layout installations.  Stepped rooms, straight or curved rows, electric wires running inside tubular metal frames, front modesty panel upon request are all features available for Coimbra. According quantities, metal frames, writing boards and seat/backrests may be supplied with colours different from the standard ones.