Elegant simplicity and outstanding comfort make Steel the ideal choice for all working spaces. Steel: sit down, please.

Fully upholstered version offers and up-to-date finish with carved design and w/out sewings, to show up clean and modern details.

Home, office, contract: all in one seating. Smart, multipurpose: features that focus in one seating to fit working needs as well as furnishing. Backrest weaved with ropes has a unique comfort, lean look, strong support and suits for contract and task spaces.

The rope is made of dyed polyester and it is manufactured in the same way of sea ropes. Two colours are available, hemp or black, further colours upon request.

Any backrest is handcrafted, one by one. The operator fits the rope around the chromed metal frame with a personal touch.

Maximum care has been taken to details: all versions have a back handle to allow smooth handling while.